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Mission Statement:

We are wanting to create this Website to try to make sure that what has happened to us, won`t (and can`t) happen to anybody else.

​Until further notice there is a “Total News Embargo” on all detail and aspects of this Website. We respectfully beg of you to respect and accept this.

If you are reading these pages because you have to, we feel for you - as we have now come through nearly twenty-four months of pure turmoil ourselves. If you are reading these pages for interest, you are most welcome. Either way, please do remember that we are not Solicitors and/or Lawyers and therefore we are not technically able to give Legal Aid or advice. Accordingly, you must ensure you independently verify anything and everything we explain before you act on it. We can however, appropriately disclose our experience - which will be even more interesting, as we have apparently been refused permissions it seems, to discuss and disclose what has happened to us. We will however press on and do the best we can, with what we have. If you have any comments or contributions we would love to hear from you. (Especially, if you think we have got anything wrong). Further, we do not intend to make any money for ourselves from this Website or any associated activity. If any money is generated by this Website, it will be invested directly back into the day-to-day care and management of it. We are not needing to make any personal gain for ourselves from this Website, which is actually purposed to do, what we did not know what to do when we were first faced with a possible Legal Extradition to a country we have never been for a Custodial Prison Sentence there. All our time is freely given at the present time.

With this Website we intend to eventually make an Appeal for “Crowd Funding” for costs associated with our proposed Legal Defence which at the present time is required, as the Prosecution from the other side seems to be progressing. These costs are substantial and eye watering, well beyond our ability and means to pay. Banking Details may be supplied on direct application to yourselves. Of course, these monies are very separate and different from any monies made from the Website.

We are also wanting to bring changes to the Law`s concerning Extradition and the Provisions of “Legal Aid” for any defence. This is particularly important as our own experience shows there are major shortcomings and hiatuses with the present extradition system.

​If you have any comments or questions do feel free to email them to us at Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to be answered as best as can on the website. This will be without any form of contractual or legal liability whatsoever.


Where (actually) is Croatia?

Leave England, cross the English Channel to France, go south towards Paris and continue to Italy, bear to the left, through Switzerland, (optional) through Slovenia to Croatia. It is a relatively small country with a proportionally long coast line to the country. The capital is Zagreb with the population of Croatia of just over 4 million.  For those readers who are more local to us here in London, the population is actually smaller than our neighbours Scotland.

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Introduction and







  • Tuesday 22/06/2021 - Date of launch. This website is now under active construction and will be published/updated regularly. For further information please feel free to email us at

  • Friday 16/07/2021 - Material review added to Website for Launch at the end of this month. Thank you


  • Saturday 17/07/2021 - Further material review added to Website for launch at the end of this month. Thank you

  • Tuesday 07/12/2021 - Have been so busy, have forgotten to update the updates, which we will do now. Want to draw your attention to the "Competitions" section and the chance to WIN a thousand pound first prize. No catches, no if`s, no buts, no excuses. (T&C Apply, registration and pre-registration required. Further details will be published at a later date. The Website is proving to be far more complex and difficult than we expected. We will again emphasis that no legal contract is inferred herein and independent legal advice must by sought. In which case let us know what you find. Keep in touch. 

  • Saturday 22/01/2022 - Today, our welcome picture went from red to green. The Law, rules and customs can be different in  countries across the Globe. As our situation illustrates well life in Croatia is very different to here in London in the UK. 

  • Apparently, in Soviet times the rules did not allow the red western Santa Claus. The result was different coloured Santa Clauses appearing in Soviet Russia, these continue to exist to the present day, hence our change, we hope you will like it. Further changes and updates are anticipated soon, keep in touch to be informed. 

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