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Further Stories of Interest


Here in the UK, the TV Program “Banged Up Abroad” is a classic on the subject but is rather focused on the Custodial (Prison) Sentence’s experience, whereas we, with this website are rather more focused on the issue of Extradition to another country for the purposes of a trial and sentencing. This can be of enormous importance when countries have differing Legal Systems and values. For eg. Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe in Iran and Sergei Pugachev and his partner Alexandra Tolstoy and Russia. Although, these are certainly rather more serious examples of what we are explaining, they are obvious examples of what we are talking about. In simple terms here in the England it can be said we are with the “Adversarial” Legal System (Judge, Jury, Prosecution, Defence). In many other countries, particularly “Catholic” Countries, the Legal System may be described as “Inquisitorial” (Judge, 2nd Judge, 3rd Judge, etc.). These issues can cause very serious problems as-if-when these Legal Systems can come into conflict with each other (as with Extradition), as it will make the Legal Process in participating Countries particularly “out of phase” with each other, as our experience will clearly demonstrate. Any comments from you as a reader will be gratefully received. Thank you.         

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