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Key Words

(As it is entirely possible that this Website will eventually reach a Global Audience, with people with English as a second language, please use FAQ & AFAQ to ask for any words/expressions you do not understand as some of the language used will certainly refer to Legal Terms) If you find a word you do not know or understand please do let us know ASAP (As Soon As Possible) so we can include it on the list. We place the world on the list to identify it, not to explain it. Use a Dictionary/Thesaurus to do this. To make life easy for you we include the link as follows:-

​A.    Abhorrent, Acquainted, Advise, Advice, Alacrity, Anticipate, (Anticipating, Anticipatory), Apparent, Assuage
B.    Bullshit (Slang often prefixed by "absolute”)
C.    Conciliatory, Continuity, Corrupt, (Corrupted, Corruption), Culture, Criminal, Croatia
D.    Deceit, Devious, Dishonest, Dystopian, Disinformation (Misinformation), Dubrovnik, “Due Diligence”  
E.    Effective, Establishment, Esteemed, Expression, Extradition, Exponential  
F.     Fabricated, Fake, Fictitious, Fraud  
G.    Gangster
H.    Hiatus, Hindsight
I.     Idiom, (Idiomatic), Impunity, Innate, Institutional, Institution, Interpretation, Intervention  
J.    Jurisdiction, Justice
K.    Knowledge
L.    Legislation, Litigant, Lockdown 
M.   Mafia, Mexico, Misdemeanour, Misinformation (Disinformation), Mitigation, Mnemonic, Motive
N.   Nullify, Nuance, (Nuances)
O.   Obvious 
P.    Prejudice, Prosecution
Q.   Queue 
R.   Retract, Redacted, Ridiculous 
S.   Salacious, Subterfuge, Supervision, Support, Symbol, (Symbolic, Symbolise)  
T.    Theft 
U.   Underhanded, Untenable 
V.    Victory, Vital 
W.   Whiskey 
X.    X-Ray
Y.    Yankee 
Z.    Zulu


The four above W,X,Y,Z are Police/NATO phonetic alphabet.

Expressions and Idioms

  1. Organised Cultural Criminality

  2. Want to let your hair down

  3. Jump through hoops

  4. Paint the town red

  5. Hit the roof

  1. You can take a horse to the water, but you cannot make it drink

  2. Learn to listen to advice, without necessarily feeling you are being told what to do and being criticised

  3. Learn to eat all the food on your plate before you start eating from your neighbours plate

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