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My very first holiday abroad was at the tender age of 11 in my last year of junior school. As a school we went to Paris in France. It was the very first time I had a holiday abroad and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The experience created in me a near insatiable appetite for travel at a very young age. My later teenage years saw me traversing Europe with the “Interrail Travel Pass” each year as I could. I soon realised Athens, Greece – and then Crete were my very special favourite holiday destinations. Since, in my adult life, Greece holds a very special place for me for many reasons I have been there many times. When all this may fail West Kirby and Neston on the Wirral, with their delicious ice-cream, make for a delightful getaway. A new venue on the market is nowadays is Croatia. Offering delight, pleasure and value. Due to our experiences we are wanting now look closely at Croatia as a holiday destination.


To independently explore this holiday choice (DA writing). We are wanting to independently verify details and information. This is proposed by having Croatian Nationals recommend venues in Croatia (Tourists may also apply). We are looking for the best fish restaurant in Croatia and also the best beach resort on the Adriatic coast. (T&C`s apply) Further details to be published shortly. Please apply for advanced notification.  

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