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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions may be changed at our entire discretion without notice in any event. There can be no appeal to such changes no matter how formed. Any such changes to T&C is at the entire discretion of the Founders and cannot be subject to influence by third parties.


For competitions and awards, pre-registration will be required. Entry to competitions and awards will be on a first come, first served basis and limited in numbers depending to the response. The awards will be proposed to subject to review every 2 years. (This however will be subject to the eventual response and success of submissions).


The first competition is to be named “What is Extradition”? What are the difficulties and problems that may be anticipated?

  • 1st prize is €250

  • 2nd prize is 2X €100

  • 3rd prize is 3X €50    


Within 350 words, using non-technical/non-Legal vocabulary. As stated, pre-registration required; first come, first served.


To make things very interesting if you refer/recommend someone to participate, who then goes on to win, you will be eligible for €100 prize.

(T&C’s apply. Pre-registration email required).

The submissions will be posted onto our Website as received for verification and plagiarism examination and extermination.

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